About Me

Hi, my name is Eric. I am a media designer and outdoor photographer based near the city of Heidelberg, Germany. Besides, I am someone who loves to travel.

Dramatic mountain peaks, tremendous glaciers, huge icebergs, mighty waterfalls or endless forests – nature is marvellous. This is one reason why I am fascinated by such places and why I like to photograph them. But to me, nature also means freedom. There is no better way than a hike to forget the worries of everyday life, with all its appointments and commitments, for a short or long time.

On this website, I would like to present my work, but also share some information about my travels and the places that I have explored. Some of them are well known, but some of them are also off the beaten track.

For enquiries about my work, please feel free to contact me by email. High resolution images are available on 500px.

By the way, if you are wondering what “ich bin kreativ” actually means, it’s German and means nothing else than “I am creative”. I have been using this name for quite a while now and it’s definitely more catchy than the next John Doe Design/Photography, don’t you think?